Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DDOT - Updates on 5C10 Street and Traffic issues

Based on the SMD 5C10 walk through back in September 2011, the 700 block of Kearney NE has been scheduled for repair.  On November 15, DDOT Ward 5 Team members were on Kearney NE preparing for work.

Note: The 700 block of Lawrence Street NE is scheduled for repair.  DDOT has partnered with DC WASA to investigate Lawrence's sub surface issues which has gravely impacted the street's condition.  We should receive information from the study in the near future.

DDOT has also added new signage throughout 7th ST NE and Monroe St NE for Speed and Truck Traffic limitations 

 Thank You again for addressing the needs of SMD 5C10.  We appreciate your hard work and look forward to the upcoming improvements.

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