Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Milling/paving crew will begin resurfacing work on 700 BLK of Lawrence street NE begining this week.

SBM Street Paving Superintendent Romanus Onyeama has advised that
milling/paving crew will begin resurfacing work on 700 BLK of Lawrence
street NE beginning on May 22, 2012 through Friday 25 if weather
permits. The work will involve localized repairs and as needed removal
of deteriorated areas of the street surface and then repave the entire
street with new asphalt.

Monday, May 7, 2012

ANC5C Special Public Meeting Tuesday, May 8th 2012 Time: 7 - 9pm, All Nations Baptist Church, 2001 North Capitol St NE

ANC5C Special Public Meeting Notice

When:  May 8th 2012
Time:  7 - 9pm
Where:  All Nations Baptist Church, 2001 North Capitol St NE

Revised Agenda


Treasurer’s Report, Pay Bills, etc.

Review of BZA Application- 18354 Child Care Development Center

(2909 North Capitol Street NE)Christy Moseley Shiker, Partner, Holland & Knight

Construction of New Residential Building w/ground floor Retail Uses

Variances Requested: Lot Occupancy, Off-Street Parking, Off-Street Loading
Loading Berth minimum vertical clearance height Requirements

The Showtime – ABRA-089186 Gathering Spot – Coffee House

(Beer, Wine, Spirits and Finger Foods) 113 Rhode Island Avenue NW
Rosemarie Salguero

Status Update Re: BZA Application – 18340 - Construction of 10x13.5 Ft Addition to Rear of House 2312 First Street NW – Commissioner James Fournier, 5C07

Studio Artist - 52 0 Street NW - Raye Leith

ABRA License Renewals

 - Super Liquors - 1633 North Capitol Street, NE (5C02) Big Ben Liquors
 - 1300 North Capitol Street, NW (5C02) University Wines & Liquors
 - 333 Hawaii Ave NE (5C12 Sunset Liquors – 1st & Florida Avenue NW

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ANC Public Emergency Meeting Tonight May 1st, 6:30pm at CAPCS located at 1400 1st Street NW

ANC5C will host an emergency meeting tonight 
When:  May 1st, 2012
When:  6:30pm
Where: CAPCS located at 1400 1st Street NW.    
Meeting will centered around ABRA applicant, Best One Liquor (Giant MJ Corporation), located at 322 Florida Avenue NW.  The emergency is requested because the Petition date (date ANC 5C's response is required) for the renewal is May 7, 2012 - one day before our regularly scheduled meeting which will be held on May 8, 2012.