Thursday, January 27, 2011

PSA - Is Your Sidewalk Shoveled?

DC Department of Transportation is reminding residents to shovel and treat their sidewalks after every snow/ice storm. Residents have up to 8 hours after a storm to shovel a clear path, at least 36 inches wide for pedestrians in the area. Don't forget to assist your neighbors in this physical task.

For more info and snow resources, go to

DDOT Snow Response Reporting System - Online Tool

Want to know when the snow plows visited your street?  DC Department of Transportation has an online tool - Snow Response Reporting System that enables users to track snow removal activities for specified locations.  Tool includes an animated map that displays the time and place where streets in your area were plowed and treated.

Log on to and type in your address!

Monday, January 24, 2011

DC 311 Service Request - 11-00019759

DC 311 Service Request was created to clean the alley behind 3200 and 3212 residences.  Scattered household debris and bulk trash items are making it difficult to maneuver around.

DC 311 Service Request - 11-00019748

DC 311 Service Request was created to remove the black wooden bed headboard w/mirror (currently broken) from the Alley behind the 3212 8th St NE residence.

DC 311 Service Request - 11-00019735

DC 311 Service Request 11-00019735 was entered to remove the Graffiti on the Charles Drew Memorial Bridge facing the Bennett Babies Day Care Center.  In addition, removal request was also reported on the Charles Drew Memorial Bridge facing the CUA WMATA Metro Entrance.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DC WASA will shut off water service today (01.20.2011)

DC WASA will be shutting off water service on Jackson St NE between 7th and 8th ST NE and 8th ST NE between Jackson and Kearney NE on Jan. 20th 2011.  Service should be restored by 5 pm on Jan. 20th 2011

DC 311 Service Request 11-00015489

Resident reported that the EYA Construction Trucks are creating mud tracks on 7th St NE between Jackson and Monroe.  This was reported to DDOT.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Metropolitan Police Department PSA 501 Meeting (1.19.2011)

Meet Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers and other members of your community at the scheduled monthly meeting of the Police Service Area (PSA) 501 Neighborhood where crime problems are identified and solutions discussed at PSA meetings.
To see this event online, follow this link.,a,1239,Q,545954,mpdcNav_GID,1538.asp

When:  Jan. 19th, 2011
Where:  Edgewood Recreation Center, Third and Evarts Streets, NE Washington, DC  20002
Time:  7 - 8:30 pm
Contact:  Lieutenant Ronald Wright at 202.698.0268

Note:  PSA 501 Meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Summary of ANC 5C Meeting #1 (01.18.2011)

The ANC 5C Public Meeting was held at Trinity University's Social Hall (125 Michigan Avenue NE) 

Election of Officers
Chairman - Commissioner Ronnie Edwards (5C11)
Vice Chairman - Commissioner Silas Grant (5C09)
Recording Secretary - Commissioner Hugh Youngblood (5C03)
Corresponding Secretary - Commissioner J. Jioni Palmer (5C08)
Financial Secretary - Commissioner John Salatti (5C04)
Treasurer - Commissioner Gigi Ransom (5C12)

  • Financial Report on proposed FY11 was discussed.  A working document was adopted and will be tweaked by the financial committee.
  • Financial Records and Checkbook were transitioned to Treasurer.
  • Councilman Harry Thomas spoke addressing the commission on his assigned committees, Great Streets for Ward 5 and Walmart developments.
  • Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) announced they were available to discuss concerns on J.F Cook School residential developments.
  • Community Member requested that 5C support any legislation to reduce Interstate Tolls.
  • Community Member announced that DC Students Speak will be attending 5C and other community meetings.
  • Commissioner Bradley Thomas (5C01) requested a response from DDOT on placing speed humps on P Street.  This request served as a reminder that this concern was presented to ANC5C by the Bates Civic Association but never received any action.
  • Shirley Bishop Hall and Alex Feldman of Serve DC - The Mayor's Office on Volunteerism gave a brief presentation on Serve DC's resources for district residents including the programs Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Neighborhood Corps.  Both programs provide training and resources for district residents and communities on how to prepare in disaster and inclement weather situations. 
Serve DC is actively looking for people from diverse backgrounds and abilities to serve in their communities.  For more information on how to empower yourself or organized your community on emergency preparedness contact Serve DC at 202.727.7925 or visit online at

  • Motion passed to limit commissioner's presentations to 5 minutes and comments to 90 seconds.
  • Motion passed to develop an request for proposals (RFP) for the 5C website.
  • Motion was passed to write a check for $25 to Chair and Treasurer to be bonded.
  • Motion was tabled to discuss the acquisition of a customer relations management tool to track community concerns.
  • Motion was passed to add the duty of ANC Liaison to the Corresponding Secretary's positions.
Next ANC 5C Meeting will be held Feb 15th, 2011 at The Summit Apartments, 116 T St NE at 7pm.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DC 311 Service Request 10-00426800

Service Request Status: Locked
Service Request Type: Street Repair
Created Date: Dec 27, 2010

DC 311 Service Request 10-00426793

Service Request Status: Locked
Service Request Type: Street Repair
Created Date: Dec 27, 2010

DC 311 Service Request 10-00426786

Service Request Number 10-00426786
Date Entered:  12/27/2010
Service Request Type:  Pothole
Status:  Closed

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ANC 5C Meeting Jan 18th 2011

The first ANC 5C meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 at 7pm at Trinity University.

Where:  Trinity University Social Hall, 125 Michigan Avenue NE.
Time:  7 - 9 pm.