Monday, October 3, 2011

DDOT - Single Member District 5C10 receives response from DDOT

On Sept 16th, Terraine Wiggins (DDOT) and Charita Brent(5C10) conducted a walk through of Single Member District 5C10.  Items that were brought to DDOT's attention included:

- Street/Curb repair between 700 and 800 block of Lawrence ST NE
- Street/Curb Repair between 700 and 800 block of Jackson ST NE
- Speeding 3200 and 3500 block of 8th ST NE
- Street signs placement on 3200 and 3500 block of 7th St NE
- Sidewalk repair

Multiple reports were created documenting the issues.  To view the report, please visit our ANC 5C website.  (Will include link soon)

On Sept 30th,  DDOT had actually responded with the following

Speed limit signs were placed on posts on 8th St NE

Street repairs were being conducted on Jackson St NE.

On behalf of SMD 5C10, we want to thank DDOT for their efforts to improve our district.

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