Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Utility Work near CUA Metro Entrance. Please be careful


I received a message from Kelly Wallace of Bozzuto

"The utility work in the street on Bunker Hill from Michigan ave. down to the Metro entrance will be starting the last week on this month on October 29th, (Correction, this week) and will take until February.  Directly following that we will be installing the arts tower and sidewalk pavers which will take us into May.  Essentially we will be on Bunker Hill for the remainder of the job.

During this time, we will be moving the fencing out away from the sidewalk curb and towards the bridge.  We will continue to allow pedestrians access along the street, but it will be via a 5’ wide “corridor” between the concrete bridge abutment and the fence.  Towards the end of the project (May) we will move the access corridor onto the newly built sidewalk so we can then finish up the rest of the paving."

Please be careful when travelling to the CUA Metro Stop

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