Monday, April 23, 2012

                       The Edgewood Civic Association Community Meeting
                                                              Monday April 23,2012
                                     McKinley Tech HS, 151 T Street NE Washington DC.
                                                              Time 7-9pm, Room 150

1. Welcome /Prayer
2. Roll Call of Officers
3.Intro. of Invited Guest and Govt. Officials
4.MPD. Public Safety Report-Lt.Ronald Wright
5.Community Concerns and Updates(Dash, Ft. Meyer truck traffic)
6. 50 Fla. Ave- Kyrus L.Freeman of Holland and Knight
7. Linda Williams- Dept. of Parks and Recreation- Update on the Edgewood and Harry Thomas Rec.
8. Community Day and Parade Celebration on June 16th, Update
9. Eric Jones- H Street Development, On the planned 155-160 affordable residential units at 4th and Rhode Island Ave.NE.
10.Committee Reports
11. May 15th Election Update and New ANC Boundary Update 
12. Adjournment- 9:00pm

      **********Edgewood Civic Association Special Meetings************

* Monday April 30th 6:30pm McKinley Tech. HS, DCPS School Chancellor Kaya Henderson, David Pinder , Principle McKinley Tech HS, Kelvin Moore, Principle- Langley Education Center.

* Tuesday May 8th at Edgewood Rec. Center. Jesus Aguirre Dir. DC. Parks and Rec. on the condition on the Edgewood Rec. and the need for the now closed Shaed School to be used for a new Rec/Community Center.

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