Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trash receptacle needed on East Side of 7th St NE/7th St Sidewalk repair has been reported to Bozzuto

There have been many complaints about the safety of the sidewalk/parking log intersection entrance into the "Bozzuto Construction Office Park".  Kelly Wallace, Construction Manager of the Monroe Street Market Project (MSM) has shared with me that arrangements have been made to pave the entrance with concrete no later than this week. 

The request for a large waste bin on the east side of 7th Street near the G8 Bus stop (Northbound) has been placed with 311 Service Center.  As you can see, the dog waste receptacle, which was moved from the 3600 block of 7th NE (between Michigan and Monroe) has been moved to the 3400 block of 7th St.  Pedestrians are using this receptacle to discard their trash, which is now overflowing.  I have place a request for DPW to schedule regular pickup.

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  1. We have no problem with trash receptacles whether it is small or big because the operators of skip hire in Perth is really doing their job really well. I agree that East Side really needs more trash receptacles and it should be bigger.