Thursday, March 17, 2011

EICCI Creates Community Message Board for South Campus Residents

Economic International Construction Corporation, INC responded to SMD 5C10 request for a demolition plan by posting Spellman, Spalding and Conaty Demolition Plan on a message board posted on the 3300 block of 7th St NE.  The message board will be updated biweekly.

Initial text include:
Spellman, Spalding, and Conaty Demolition Plan

All communications from the neighborhood will come through and be directed to Economic International Construction Company, Inc. Attention – Damon Roundtree 410-327-9105

Deliveries will turn off Monroe, down 7th, then into the site to avoid riding thru the residential portion of
7th St

Work will begin at 7pm and end by 4pm, Monday thru Saturday

The DC Inspectors visit the project on a regular basis to insure we are in compliance with the demolition and sediment controls guidelines.

This is our 2 week look ahead you requested dates are from 2-24-11 until 3-10-11

Mass demolition with the crane and wrecking ball complete during this time frame.  Spellman building will be processed and ready for crushing within these time frames.  All metal from Spellman will be loaded out to a recycling venue.

Schedule will be updated every 2 weeks.

Our subcontractor, Berg is responsible for keeping the entrance and
7th street
clear and clean during the demo work.

All construction personnel and equipment will be parked within the LOD.  There is plenty of space in the rear of the site.

Damon Roundtree
Economic International, Construction Co., INC
720 S. Caton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21229
Phone:  410.327.9105

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